Suzuki DL650 Vstorm Bar Risers

Advanced Motorcycle Products has two types of bar risers that will fit the Suzuki DL650 Vstorm series of bikes.

Offset Bar Risers: 7/8" bar and 1-1/8" FATBARS

The first product is an offset bar riser that provides 1.25" of rise and 5/8" or 1" rearward offset. These risers are used with the offset in the rearward facing position to bring the bars back and upward to provide a more comfortable and upright riding position. No relocation of instrumentation is necessary if the bar risers are mounted with the offset facing rearward.

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Zero Offset Bar Risers: 7/8" bars only

The second type of bar risers that fit the DL650 Vstorm are the zero offset type that provide 1.25 in of rise to the bars. These risers require no relocation of instrumentation.


Shown on Ninja 650R (Click to Enlarge)


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